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Did you know.. Air Con is not just about cooling you down on a hot summer’s day?? It is almost more important to use your cars Air Conditioning system during the cold and rainy season!!

Did you also know.. a well maintained AC system can reduce your MPG?

Here’s why……………

One of the purposes of Air Conditioning is to condition the air which results in dry air. During the rainy season the outside air is cold, and combined with your warm breath and damp/wet clothes the interior of your car gets very humid and the windows get covered in condensation. If you use the Air Con in combination with the heating system during the winter you’ll see that defrosting your front windshield is that much faster because the air coming out of the vents is dry, and the Air Con system is acting as a dehumidifier.

The main component of an AC system is the pump or compressor and it’s driven by the engine, if left unchecked and poorly maintained the Gas or refrigerant, escapes from the system and the pump runs more to compensate sapping precious BHP fro your engine resulting in poor MPG!!

Another thing to be aware of is that your car’s Air Con system is filled with parts that are meant to move and if you don’t use your Air Con during the winter months some components (such as the Air Con compressor clutch) may become seized. This is because it is full of refrigerant and oils that need to be circulated to keep all of its internals lubricated. If the Air Con is not run during the winter, a problem with the system may not be noticed until the summer which means you could be driving around without Air Conditioning when the warmer months come around.

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