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Elaine Explains why it’s important to have your car serviced regularly

Hi, my name is Elaine, Jacks business partner here at Jack Newman Auto Services and I’m going to be adding a monthly editorial aimed at talking straight from a woman’s point of view about the motor trade and clearing up a lot of confusion and discussing the importance of regularly Servicing / Maintaining your car.

I am working in the Motor Trade for over 12 years and I wouldn’t have been able to explain exactly the reasons why as I had never questioned it, I just knew it was important and necessary. So I decided to put together some details to help others understand what is done during Routine Servicing and why.

To sum up, regular car Servicing and Maintenance:

  • Improves Safety
  • Enhances Reliability and Performance
  • Minimises Roadside Emergencies
  • Ensures better Fuel Economy

So with every Service, the oil and oil filter will be changed. Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle which helps to lubricate all the moving parts in your engine and also acts as a cooling agent. Using the correct oil will help with the emissions of your vehicle. The oil filter removes any dirt in the oil similar to how your liver filters /detoxifies your blood. If the filter gets too clogged up it begins to stop working as effectively as it should. Frequently changing your filter will prevent much bigger and more expensive jobs, like replacing the whole engine.

What happens during a Car service

mechanic fixing underbelly of car

The other filters in your car that need regular changing are the air filter, fuel filter and pollen/cabin filter. The air filter is like the vehicle’s lung which ensures that your car is breathing clearly. The fuel filter removes any dirt from the petrol or diesel preventing it from going into your fuel system so that it doesn’t cause any damage. The fuel system is so efficient that everything needs to be clean within it as even the smallest amount of dirt can have a negative effect. The pollen / cabin filter removes dirt from the air entering the interior of your vehicle. This filter catches particles such as leaves, dust and even odours/pollution.

Most manufacturers recommend to Service your car every 15,000kms, or every year, whichever one comes first. A Minor/Interim Service will always entail changing the oil and oil filter. A full service will also include air, fuel and pollen filters as required. Any additional requirements such as brakes, tyres etc. will be advised to you by your mechanic. There are many other elements to Maintaining your car such as fluids, pads, plugs etc. that we will cover in another post.

Did you know that the health of your tyres affects your fuel consumption? To help your fuel mileage, be sure to check that your tyres are properly inflated. Incorrect pressures can also damage/wear incorrectly on your tyres. And of course, the quality of your tyres predominantly impacts on your safety when driving.

Cost-effective Car Servicing

I know the price of servicing can feel like an invisible expense as you cannot see what you have paid for. But, trust that you are paying for your own safety, and that of your passengers, and you will be saving in the long run as you will reduce the risk of more expensive jobs if something goes wrong that could have been prevented. Here at Jack Newman Auto Services, we are happy to show you all the old parts that have been replaced, offering you full transparency in the Service we provide. We believe that understanding what’s being done to your car, and why, offers you more confidence and reassurance about these necessary and preventative measures.


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