Health & Safety Precautions as we return

We re-open on May 18th!

Keep safe imageWe are delighted to announce we shall re-open on Monday 18th May, in line with Government guidance. We have spent the last couple of weeks ensuring that efficient, effective procedures are in place to ensure that we play our part in keeping our customers, our staff, and their families as safe as possible.

We promise to play our part. We ask that you help by obeying the signs and guidelines we have set.

When you visit our workshop, please follow our rules:

  • When dropping off your car, please park it outside with the key in the ignition.
  • Do not enter the workshop unless requested—the chains and signs going across the bays are there for a reason. Please stay on the customer side of these
  • Use hand sanitiser before and after coming in contact with any surface. We have set up a number of sanitising stations both inside and outside the workshop for your convenience.
  • Keep a 2-metre distance at all times. Use the signs all around our workshop to remind yourself of how far apart that is.
    Sadly, we no longer shall shake hands.
  • We shall sanitise the controls of all cars we enter. Each car will be supplied with a Car Care Kit—these offer protection to the steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake and driver’s seat.
  • We kindly ask that you play your part and ensure your car interior has been cleaned/sanitise before you bring it to us.
  • Our mechanics regularly changing their gloves, following best practise, and also wash and sanitise their hands, with and without gloves, for your protection and theirs.
  • All staff also wash their hands regularly, while we also disinfect work and communal areas, such as door handles, sinks, keyboards, counters, and desk tops.

Hand SanitiserPayment Systems

To provide you with better service, our contactless payment system is available in 3 forms:

  • Bank transfer prior to collecting your car;
  • Card payment over the phone prior to collecting your car;
  • Payment on site, where staff will manually enter your card details into the machine in your presence.



Disinfect against COVID-19

For your protection we have invested in a new machine that is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria in the air. We use this machine to sanitise every car that we are required to enter. (Note this excludes external-only repairs, such as punctures.)

  • Always remember that car interiors, child car seats and even such innocuous things as gearsticks and door handles are potential carriers of the COVID-19 virus. The most touched areas are the steering wheel and rear-view mirror. Child car seats must also be thoroughly cleaned—and don’t forget the fuel cap when refilling.
  • You are strongly advised to regularly sanitise your own car—some recommend it should be done before and after every journey, especially if you share the car with another person, or if you give someone a lift. Areas that should be sanitised regularly include the steering wheel, gear stick, dashboard, keys, handbrake, door handles (inside and outside), start button, seats, radio and heating controls, sun visor, touchscreen, centre console, cup holders, etc.
  • Be careful when cleaning as some cleaning ingredients can damage the materials used in your car’s interior. Hand sanitiser and other alcohol-based products are not ideal for interiors and may damage delicate surfaces, such as leather seats and the touchscreen. You may use disinfectant wipes on other hard-wearing surfaces. A patch test is a good first option to ensure you don’t mark or damage a surface; remember, all surfaces react differently.

If your car requires service or repair, please call us on 01 699 1599. We are now taking bookings from Monday 18th May onwards. We look forward to our re-opening and to see both old and new customers—at a distance, of course! Everyone here will ensure we play our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and shall follow Government guidance as we continue to monitor all available information.

Sign do not enter

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New Tyres

New Tyres

We stock a range of leading brand tyres, such as:

or whatever suits your budget

We can supply and fit as required by our customers.

We also provide puncture repair service, wheel balancing and tracking.

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Reasons for NCT Failure

5 Common Reasons For NCT Failures

This month I decided to write about regular things we see coming through the door that have been failed in the NCT. I see these words regularly on job cards – “calipers”, “wishbone bushings”, “brake lines / hoses”, “suspension” etc. but I don’t understand what they are or what they do.

I’ve explained in my previous post about what constitutes a regular service, e.g. oil and filters. However, the NCT is looking at different elements of the car’s safety. I’ve asked Jack to explain some of them to me and now I will pass on my newly acquired knowledge.

Common Failures:

  1. Brake Calipers = this might show up as a “brake imbalance” on the NCT report. The role of the brake caliper is to squeeze the brake pads together which then in turn slows the wheels down. Most cars have 4 calipers, one on each wheel. Older, smaller cars are fitted with brake cylinders and shoes on the rear wheels only.
  2. Wishbone Bushings = these are part of the suspension. They can comprise of ‘bushings’ and ‘ball joints’. They create a barrier between the parts that it holds (which I’m told are too complicated to get into here) and they prevent metal-to-metal contact. The wishbone bushings are key to the safety of your car steering and handling.
  3. Suspension = comprises of lots of smaller parts: wishbone bushings, ball joints, wishbones, shocks etc. as explained above, an NCT failure for the wishbone bushings is only part of the suspension. Another suspension failure on an NCT might be an “imbalance”. This would be related to the shock absorbers whereby one is stronger than the other. The faulty shock absorber could be lacking fluid, or burst from a bang such as going over a pot hole.
  4. Brake Lines / Hoses = typically fail on “advanced corrosion” or “damaged/perished”. The role of the brake lines/hoses is to carry the brake fluid to the brake calipers (as explained above then squeeze the pads together). The hoses are made of rubber which may become damaged/perished from age or debris. The lines are a metal pipe which may become corroded from salt on the roads, or due to age.
  5. Headlight Alignment – every car is stamped to indicate the settings of the headlights for that car. If they are set too high it’s blinding to oncoming cars, and if its set too low its hazardous for visibility. The headlight alignment requires specific equipment for setting correctly which the likes of a mechanic will have in their garage, it cannot be set using subjective guess work. It is recommended to set the headlight alignment while the car is in the same way as it will be when presenting at the NCT, for example with or without shopping in the boot as this can affect the level of the car.

Jack and the lads will always give you their professional advice when you leave your car in for a pre-NCT check with us. They will carry out a 53-point health check that covers all aspects of an NCT and they will advise accordingly if there is something serious that will definitely fail the NCT or where something is of a quality that could pass but where there is no guarantee. Mechanics in garages such as ours will always ensure your car is safe to drive and provide you with their professional opinion, unfortunately however what a mechanic may deem as safe could be failed in the NCT. We endeavour to inform you, from the best of our knowledge and years of experience, what may fail in the NCT but we cannot make any guarantees as they are a separate entity to us.

I hope this helps to show the difference between what is covered in a regular service and what aspects are tested in the NCT, and I hope that it helps some people to understand the workings of some parts of their car that they may have heard about but had no reason to understand what they were or why they could cause a car to fail the NCT.

If you have any suggestions for our next Blog post we would be delighted to cover a topic of interest to our customers. Please email us with your ideas to jnewmanautoservices@gmail.com

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Car Repairs

Car Repairs, Ashbourne

At Jack Newman Auto Services we specialise in car repairs on all makes and models.

We offer extremely competitive prices, our vehicle technicians are highly trained and offer the very best in workmanship & parts on each and every repair.

Our car repairs services include most makes and models of any vehicle.

We also take incredible pride in our friendly customer service, and we’re very grateful for all the 5 star reviews from our customers.

Also we never carry out any car repairs without your prior consent.

For all car repair enquiries please call us on +353 16991599 or send us an email jnewmanautoservices@gmail.com

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Elaine from Jack Newman Auto Services

Elaine Explains Regular Servicing

Elaine Explains why it’s important to have your car serviced regularly

Hi, my name is Elaine, Jacks business partner here at Jack Newman Auto Services and I’m going to be adding a monthly editorial aimed at talking straight from a woman’s point of view about the motor trade and clearing up a lot of confusion and discussing the importance of regularly Servicing / Maintaining your car.

I am working in the Motor Trade for over 12 years and I wouldn’t have been able to explain exactly the reasons why as I had never questioned it, I just knew it was important and necessary. So I decided to put together some details to help others understand what is done during Routine Servicing and why.

To sum up, regular car Servicing and Maintenance:

  • Improves Safety
  • Enhances Reliability and Performance
  • Minimises Roadside Emergencies
  • Ensures better Fuel Economy

So with every Service, the oil and oil filter will be changed. Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle which helps to lubricate all the moving parts in your engine and also acts as a cooling agent. Using the correct oil will help with the emissions of your vehicle. The oil filter removes any dirt in the oil similar to how your liver filters /detoxifies your blood. If the filter gets too clogged up it begins to stop working as effectively as it should. Frequently changing your filter will prevent much bigger and more expensive jobs, like replacing the whole engine.

What happens during a Car service

mechanic fixing underbelly of car

The other filters in your car that need regular changing are the air filter, fuel filter and pollen/cabin filter. The air filter is like the vehicle’s lung which ensures that your car is breathing clearly. The fuel filter removes any dirt from the petrol or diesel preventing it from going into your fuel system so that it doesn’t cause any damage. The fuel system is so efficient that everything needs to be clean within it as even the smallest amount of dirt can have a negative effect. The pollen / cabin filter removes dirt from the air entering the interior of your vehicle. This filter catches particles such as leaves, dust and even odours/pollution.

Most manufacturers recommend to Service your car every 15,000kms, or every year, whichever one comes first. A Minor/Interim Service will always entail changing the oil and oil filter. A full service will also include air, fuel and pollen filters as required. Any additional requirements such as brakes, tyres etc. will be advised to you by your mechanic. There are many other elements to Maintaining your car such as fluids, pads, plugs etc. that we will cover in another post.

Did you know that the health of your tyres affects your fuel consumption? To help your fuel mileage, be sure to check that your tyres are properly inflated. Incorrect pressures can also damage/wear incorrectly on your tyres. And of course, the quality of your tyres predominantly impacts on your safety when driving.

Cost-effective Car Servicing

I know the price of servicing can feel like an invisible expense as you cannot see what you have paid for. But, trust that you are paying for your own safety, and that of your passengers, and you will be saving in the long run as you will reduce the risk of more expensive jobs if something goes wrong that could have been prevented. Here at Jack Newman Auto Services, we are happy to show you all the old parts that have been replaced, offering you full transparency in the Service we provide. We believe that understanding what’s being done to your car, and why, offers you more confidence and reassurance about these necessary and preventative measures.


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NCT & CVRT Repairs, Ashbourne.

NCT and CVRT Repairs in Ashbourne

All vehicles must pass an NCT or CVRT test to be road-worthy.

Should your vehicle failure an NCT or CVRT test then your vehicle will have to have the necessary repairs.

We specialise in ensuring each vehicle has the repairs carried out to a highly professional standard.
Pre NCT and CVRT Checks

We provide a comprehensive check of your vehicle-covering all aspects that will be checked during the NCT & CVRT test, discovering possible causes of failure.

For all enquiries please call us on +353 16991599 or send us an email jnewmanautoservices@gmail.com

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BMW Ashbourne

BMW Specialist in Ashbourne, County Meath

Hi every one Jack here from Jack Newman Auto Services Ashbourne Co Meath ! Calling all BMW drivers in the County Meath area, after much thought and deliberation the time has come for us to offer specialist services to all of our existing and new BMW owners ! After some hard work and new website we’ve enjoyed good organic growth of the business and it’s now tie to execute the next phase of our long term plan which is to offer the best independent service money can buy for all BMW drivers. This includes offering all the same service and privilege as the main dealers for a fraction of the costs offering unbeatable value and service. If your BMW is still under manufactures warranty don’t worry, we carry out all works to manufactures specifications and using BMW genuine parts which insures no effect on your warranty, we are also able to keep the on board service history up to date with our dealer level diagnostics tool. So if its a simple service /maintenance or in depth diagnostics look no further than Jack Newman Auto services your independent BMW specialist.

Also i would like to congratulate and welcome a newest member staff to the team Declan Moore, Declan is 23 years YOUNG and has just won Irish skills apprentice mechanic of the year 2019 , so be assured your car will be in safe hands .

For further enquirers or bookings please do not hesitate to contact us.

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DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

Jack Newman Auto Services are specialists in vehicle diagnostics and blocked DPFs.

We’ll diagnose the root cause of your fault(s) and get you back on the road as soon as possible, saving you thousands of €€€ against expensive repairs and replacements.

The DPF Doctor

We are very proud to be the accredited member of The DPF Doctor for County Meath. The DPF Doctor is the leading and fastest growing network of DPF specialists.

Being a part of the network gives us access to ever-evolving technical advice and an abundant amount of knowledge, information and training.

DPF Warning Light

If your DPF warning light is on and your car is not completing a DPF regeneration on it’s own then you have an underlying fault or faults.

A blocked DPF is always caused by another fault(s).

Until we find and fix that fault(s) your DPF will continue to block.

DPF Assessments

Our industry-leading DPF Assessment will identify these faults and get to the root cause of your DPF problem – for a first-time fix….

DPF Cleaning

Book Your DPF Assessment

Our DPF Assessments are only €95 inc VAT.

To book your DPF assessment please call us on +353 16991599 or send us an email jnewmanautoservices@gmail.com
DPF Cleaning

Once our repairs have been carried out we will carry out, if needed, a DPF clean.

Blocked DPF

  • Identify the root cause of your DPF problem through our assessment
  • Inform you of exactly what work is required, no guesswork
    Carry out the necessary repairs
  • If required, we will perform our 3 Stage in-situ DPF clean
  • Confirm the repair by analysing engine data
  • Offer helpful advice about looking after your DPF
  • We aim to provide a first-time fix every time.
DPF Cleaning

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Vans and Commercial


Did you know that at Jack Newman Auto Services we also service and repair all makes and models of vans / commercials!?

If your van needs a CVRT we can take care of that for you. Just leave your van with us and we’ll do the rest…service, CVRT prep and bring it for the test.

Contact Jack on +353 16991599 or Email: jnewmanautoservices@gmail.com

Vans and Commercial



Vehicle Air Conditioning Ashbourne

Air Conditioning Servicing and Repairs Ashbourne, County Meath

Did you know.. Air Con is not just about cooling you down on a hot summer’s day?? It is almost more important to use your cars Air Conditioning system during the cold and rainy season!!

Did you also know.. a well maintained AC system can reduce your MPG?

Here’s why……………

One of the purposes of Air Conditioning is to condition the air which results in dry air. During the rainy season the outside air is cold, and combined with your warm breath and damp/wet clothes the interior of your car gets very humid and the windows get covered in condensation. If you use the Air Con in combination with the heating system during the winter you’ll see that defrosting your front windshield is that much faster because the air coming out of the vents is dry, and the Air Con system is acting as a dehumidifier.

The main component of an AC system is the pump or compressor and it’s driven by the engine, if left unchecked and poorly maintained the Gas or refrigerant, escapes from the system and the pump runs more to compensate sapping precious BHP fro your engine resulting in poor MPG!!

Another thing to be aware of is that your car’s Air Con system is filled with parts that are meant to move and if you don’t use your Air Con during the winter months some components (such as the Air Con compressor clutch) may become seized. This is because it is full of refrigerant and oils that need to be circulated to keep all of its internals lubricated. If the Air Con is not run during the winter, a problem with the system may not be noticed until the summer which means you could be driving around without Air Conditioning when the warmer months come around.

Vehicle AC Service and Free Winter Health Check

we’re giving away 100 free System checks on first come first served. To claim your free AC system test CLICK HERE

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